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Homes in Dentville and Northyards are some of the most gorgeous townhouses and older homes of the area. These charming homes are rich in character, and the neighbourhoods are just steps from the downtown Squamish area; less than 10 minutes on foot. As residential redevelopment occurs all over Squamish, homes in Dentville and Northyards are desirable as the areas have a blend of townhomes and multi-family housing options in addition to those old, charming single-family homes. The location is extremely convenient; both neighbourhoods are within walking distance to restaurants, specialty shops, grocery stores, professional services, and the waterfront on Howe Sound.

While this particular area of Squamish was once considered the “older” part, the area is now one of the most trendy and desirable. Homes in Dentville and Northlands will be in demand for years to come. The growth rate of Squamish has resulted in redevelopment and a diverse number of retail and commercial spaces; between 2005 and 2011, the population grew 14.6%, doubling that of the province as a whole. Squamish’s median age is 36.8, proving that younger families and individuals  have recently become interested in the area. This is likely due to the large range of amenities combined with the peaceful and serene neighbourhoods that are perfect for raising families.

Homes in Dentville Squamish

Employment Opportunities

The Denville and Northyards areas offer employment in a variety of retail establishments, as well as some of the top employers, including the healthcare industry, the educational services industry, and manufacturing. Many residents living in these areas commute to larger and more urban areas like downtown Vancouver for work, enjoying the peace and serenity of Squamish and the fairly short commute. In 2005, the unemployment rate for Squamish was just 6.5%, in line with that of British Columbia as a whole. The median income was 30,068, which was higher than British Columbia’s 24,897.


The main street near Dentville and Northyards, Cleveland Avenue, is the first major intersection individuals will encounter when traveling into Squamish from Vancouver on the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Many residents walk to nearby locations, although public transportation from the Squamish Transit System is available to those who want to use it.

Students in elementary and secondary school enjoy free transportation from these bus systems over the summer.

The Arts

The Squamish area offers a few different choices when it comes to the arts, including Brackendale Art Gallery, where visitors can enjoy exhibitions, workshops, concerts and theater. The dining area also serves up delicious handmade soups and bread, croissants, Danish pastries, tea and espresso as well as wine and beer. Not far from Dentville and Northyards is the British Columbia Museum of Mining, which is the site of the once-largest copper producer in the British Empire, and it is now a heritage site. Visitors can ride the train into the old tunnels, see how mining worked a century ago and pan for gold.


Squamish has been named the “Outdoor Entertainment Capital of Canada,” so it’s no surprise that residents can choose from a plethora of fun and thrilling recreational activities. The Squamish Valley Golf Course and the Furry Creek Golf Club are both perfect for golf aficionados, while those searching for a little more thrill can enjoy windsurfing, kite boarding, jet skiing, and sailing in various locations around Squamish. Mountain biking, hiking and exploring are very popular recreational events in the area, with hundreds of trails available to choose from. Between November and February, locals enjoy eagle watching in Brackendale at Eagle Run Park, and horseback riding is always a popular activity as well.


Folks with homes in Dentville and Northyards are within walking distance of downtown Squamish and the large variety of retail shops, services and amenities. The main shopping area, Cleveland Avenue, offers up boutiques, restaurants, the Squamish Public Library, Municipal Hall and more. At the far end of the avenue is the Howe Sound Brewery. Squamish also offers up some of the most delicious and diverse cuisine. Locals enjoy. The Copper House Restaurant and Lounge, Zephyr’s Cafe, and White Spot, to name a few.


The public schools serving children in the communities of Dentville and Northyards include Stawamas Elementary and the Howe Sound Secondary School. Many parents live within walking distance to the schools and can easily walk their children to and from school each day. Capilano University is also located in the Dentville area, and offers post-secondary programs and degrees.

Investing in Homes in Dentville / Northyards

These are two of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the area simply due to their proximity to downtown as well as the trendier, hipper vibe that has recently started to transform the area. With younger families and professionals moving in, the number of families with children in the area is growing, and the growing interest is attracting retailers who appeal to a younger generation of people. There has never been a better time to invest in homes in Denville or Northyards and take advantage of the friendly individuals, affordable property prices, and the huge range of amenities available within walking distance.


Squamish is known for its stunning views – from glistening water to gorgeous green forests to majestic mountains. Valleycliffe is the southernmost residential neighbourhood in the city of Squamish, and it is located just across the Stawamus River. Lots here tend to be flatter and more level than those in more northern neighbourhoods. Residents enjoy the views of the majestic and beloved Squamish Chief. Along the northern border of the Valleycliffe neighbourhood is the Smoke Bluff Provincial Park and Crumpit Woods. This makes Valleycliffe a fantastic location for individuals looking for adventure and ready to take on the next thrill.

A neighbourhood consisting of many new developments, Valleycliffe attracts young families and professionals who want to enjoy their lives in a secluded, peaceful neighbourhood but remain close to the best urban amenities. City initiatives as well as increased interest in the area help Valleycliffe continue to grow. The population increased 14.6% between 2006 and 2011 in Squamish, and with a median age of 36.4, it’s easy to see that a large number of these individuals being attracted to the area are young, with children or young professionals commuting from Vancouver.

University Highlands / Quest University:

Quest University Canada lies in the coastal mountain surrounding of Squamish, British Columbia, 70 km south of Vancouver and 60 km north of
Whistler. These two cities hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic as well as Paralympic Games. The university opened its doors in September 2007
with just 74 students enrolled, but its current enrollment stood at 700 as of February of 2015.

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